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07/31/14 – Interview – Jerryd Bayless

Jul 31, 2014|

Bill sits down with the newest Buck Jerryd Bayless as he has officially signed with Milwaukee. With a backcourt full of young talent, where does Bayless see himself contributing the most? Plus a look at why Jason Kidd was the …

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now they just they just signed. Just sign and they've got a rather crowded backcourt now but nevertheless -- Jerryd Bayless is a new love Milwaukee -- Jaret Wright know what I'm good -- -- Door while -- we got a lot of guys back there now for a while the bucks were jammed with forwards now would jam with guards in. I guess you know if they talking about what it is your specific role would be. Not that that -- and that -- area but. I don't -- me. With. -- really nice young team that hasn't. A lot of really depart and the disappear out a way to help them fit into that is when we'll do -- report. What are they about Jason Kidd is a head coach I mean that guys talk in the league you guys know who good coaches are in in players coaches are that kind of thing. When you say you're gonna talk to. Definitely. I think you can defeat -- -- respect he commands from last year. You know when you go into the team I'm talking when he was with furcal when you have Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce. There -- better and of that caliber neither able to demand didn't gain the respect of those type of players. It I think it showed a lot about him and you know KK that they could do one of the job here and -- really look forward you know there is. -- Now right this team you mentioned they're young they're they're you know -- up and coming there on their way but you've just got to a huge piece. That was added to the central LeBron James is back in the center with the Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to bolster that team. Now Rose got Chicago saying that he's healthy he's ready to go the set in Indiana -- Indiana -- they're still going to be a team of its can be formidable. How tough is this division in your -- Is -- to you know there is no way of getting around it I think every team in this division right now is. You know almost contending you know pretty much and so we're gonna have to pick it up and we have to play well let's put -- -- it competes so I'm excited about dobbs who -- challenge I think everybody here -- excited as well. And just trying to find the balance everybody you know fitting in playing together. It's going to be hard at first but I think got thereby give -- through can be really good. It's one thing to play with big name veterans it's another thing to play with a lot of young guys they're trying to find their way in the league bit at different head coaches now they've had different it is kind of style so to speak. So what do you bring to the table for the young guys to say okay. There's a way to go about your business there's a way to learn there's way to get better. I think every a lot of -- dual -- you know. Panel on my -- not not private you know I've been on six different teams I've been with different coaches. I do it all different -- -- player so I've been around and I've seen a lot though. I think you know about these guys kind of find their way and could seem to grow and head in the right direction -- -- that I really wanted to do. And just help in anyway I -- you know it's going to be part of this team and just try to help this anywhere candidate -- up -- I'm going. Looking at the young guys that -- I've always -- young guys you hope they never learn how to lose that they continue to possibly continue to play -- -- this team last year. With -- intensity you go through that list they continued to play -- wasn't like they quit they gave up. Is that a big thing for a young team not to figure out how to lose. It is birdie defense they're going to be growing period but they every young team is gonna go to growing -- is because they're young they're inexperienced but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've been our teams -- -- kind of you know and in the middle of the pack and I've been on teams that are effective -- A bit in all different type of situation is and learned you know. About those situations from the past so. I'm excited and you know I think -- be -- help. When the deal came down we surprised it was Milwaukee. Are no -- surprised. -- -- What is it about Milwaukee that other than the -- that -- that attracts uses a team that you believe that is -- tear it down and rebuilding at the right way or what. I think so predicted it would attract me. Being -- -- -- -- from a guy that -- level. For dialogue is. Very valuable and in not even though I've been at least -- six -- and still. Still fairly young and in the -- spent more 25 -- To be able to learn from the. With new ownership here you mentioned Jason -- here you know there's different energy right now about this team a lot of people with one eyebrow racing okay were they gonna do. What what -- you hope to build. In terms of the team -- just in terms -- your career in Milwaukee. Well I hope -- I hope this to continue just to play in the team to contribute. Will be a part this team Columbia to help. -- -- you know I really haven't mapped out individual goes for his upcoming years that's what you mean I don't know but it understand exactly. Which mean but I really wanted to help and in a way erect new to help this team is what I wanna do -- look forward that's found. What have they talking about getting you in the town of getting -- -- to the Wisconsin state fair and meeting people were to get the milk else. You know we're actually just -- by one outcome of this facility. There pick me up this morning the in my physical and everything -- and we go by the fair so I -- out by -- That's that would look to have -- here live when you come out so they -- they scheduled to come out come down and say hello worldly about a hundred yards away from him. Out here but I you know like it's it's -- young team I don't think people really have expectation that's kind of court though not to have expectations going into a season specifically with the division as we've mentioned. Being so tough because it kind of free -- do your own thing growing your own without anybody -- you have to have this many wins especially with a team coming off a fifteen wins he's racked. -- exactly and you know hopefully Rory would do better then you know how they -- last year -- So I don't I I think there's a lot of good pieces here and a figure out a way to -- together it's ridiculous at the plant. Is that -- the planned to what they wanted do and hope we were able to put some really didn't inactive and so we can. You know continue -- on the right path. When you look at the backcourt of of being you know with nice -- Walters and Marshall and Mayo. And -- -- yourself into it enough basketball to go around. -- that's not my -- but yeah. I and you know it's. It is it is part of their -- and then you know see what he would take it decides and I move up -- there. -- I appreciate it thanks for joining us on short notice in do yoga -- -- -- -- seat on the road -- about to be a -- -- see what you get out here okay. -- --