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06/12/14 – Interview – Mike McCarthy

Jun 12, 2014|

Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers Mike McCarthy joined Bill Michaels to share with us an update from OTAs and how things have progressed since April’s draft. Other than his on-the-field ability, what has Julius Peppers brought to this …

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike McCarthy -- joining us on the line coach you know money. From the great story is her ordeal and well how are excited are you once you get all your guys together and you finally start to see which -- which you -- of the groceries all coming into the pot so to speak. Not definitely overdue it's always great to be back on the practice field. You okay there we were it would get through this -- situation of but what it takes to get through early in the world or -- corporate makes installation in a pro social. Just about other things Brandon. Roller toward young girls -- -- for -- veterans. Your brother James agreed Churchill we've we've had -- there -- older Turkish Nationalists -- enriched. Who really when you talk about the guys that are the younger guys that need to kind of quote pick it up and in. Really kind of take that next step push over the guys you're really counting on this year. All -- -- -- it is sort of thirty reporters. -- to -- to have that fixed up to who we -- -- a better -- as a as a program. -- maximizing that to each opportunity -- goes along and series to -- so. A poor bit of overdue bulked you know really this couple process of weird ruling from to. Fruition -- -- character traits and you know disorder class from Lester goes -- -- You don't you know top sort of very tall about Saul a tough situation. There are more put in a more. The opportunity. To lead to more production from our -- -- plus. I spent Monday with Daytona and and he was scared kind of fill me in on the air -- -- all the different things that are going on and how impressed he is. With that how mild mannered Julius Peppers is what helped Peppers is so willing between him and Vijay to say. Let's go work on -- -- your handles work on your slap let's work back in muted in you know BO film room let's take a look at this and take a look at that. What does a garlic Julius Peppers bring to that organization. Bob Dole is proper tribute quite -- -- -- he's extremely professional. Just him everything he's done and in our -- -- -- Greenberg. You know start with strength conditioning. System disorder texture and so great result since. We're very blessed and gifted pretty -- great shape. You know it doesn't look -- he doesn't move. -- -- -- So vulnerable thirty years old slow in a bit up towards her pressing from -- long but just just disability that have those -- award called citizens whether. -- what they've -- terrorist. You know -- tests some things Simpson you know. He knows what better from playing against him -- -- to. At all some things with and on the mound like Daytona. So Mike Daniels all for Arsenal he doesn't hurt itself well. Treated more war and -- 101. So having him in and press on his experiences. You have forgotten more football than I would ever won a Garner knowledge of they have but in the off season all of us media pundits thought you know there were some things there were vital to your team to be successful. One of them being inside linebacker how key is inside linebacker. Two Dom Capers defense in the fact that you didn't get a linebacker in the draft. Was it disappointing or is that just meaning you guys are happy -- Jones and Lattimore you feel which are headed in the right direction. All of overlook her and so -- group and -- two story. Your post defense. -- -- Those and so -- -- but it should be in the quarterbacks. Over -- and so. You know I've been part of its current structure helps. You know intrusion. You know -- The position Lester are originals. National. Tarvaris professional -- -- Robert transformed so force -- little. I will be very educated group look at chamber street junction verdict century but it doesn't become middle. But to accomplish and Jamar love returning her -- and his agent looks greens in this series is lighten. This Mobil's that it has -- if he's ever been in his corner and -- number. Brent Jones is helping him his her first pro player also is extremely important social specialty and so I thought. We have so -- -- -- position. To sort. The ball into oblivion so Alberto sort of retired in education in particular have -- -- so it's -- and toon reported no comment that. Locker room because this is -- -- of social -- You -- -- abilities and who wells went down because -- seem like this you blink your ride everybody went down I mean I'm sure at this point in time you've had enough with the injuries already. I mean it in the off season -- when you look at it. What -- these console silly things are just freak and he can't prevent a broken leg he can and can't prevent a neck injury like that like what have manager Michael. It is some of this stuff more preventable do you think -- is -- just the the freaky -- of the game of football. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They'll learn and make major environment better show you know which we -- -- stories currently last couple years -- -- -- training -- there's there's there's always evolve him and we're trying to -- the CB. We're still there weren't Iguodala practiced him. What the limitations the school feel to teach to a level that these two. But you need to get to to -- players you know prepared for training camp -- clearly have their picture. Off foreign to him. In the four years in this instantly after strong very pleased with Pat's going in you continue to look at everything. On -- -- -- who treatments. Well and -- penetrating and all. The training room -- strength conditioning part of it is improved so much with just and so there's just there's sort of used. He's a better person -- characters there. Through their own things so you're always trying to improve the betterment of the two total deflation so hopefully couples -- -- applicable to him. A couple of guys that does specifically injury wise a -- getting a guy like Casey Hayward -- after that hamstring and been in really being patient with a guy like clay. How vital are they to -- clay we all know but how vital is it overall to get these guys back and get help nick Perry as well. To get them healthy and be able to really see what it is to see this thing fire on all cylinders. What a couple of three point -- some -- -- -- -- battle through trees. Grow on our football team. National hopeful it is so competitive. -- -- -- for the last two decades of defector. There and the importance. Of third place game it's -- to be successful -- Plays closer. Our power program primer put -- when he's in there on -- to -- it is you know. -- -- looks -- -- -- back to open to his ball skills participants skills and so forth some material. Little town has played has has has shown particular -- It's -- and show -- you make relationships with these guys but it's got to be a little disheartening not to see Johnny Jolly back not to -- -- guy like Ryan -- Not procedure Michael back they leave a little bit -- I guess personally -- a little you know little bit of a hole into the turn out there. -- -- regret doesn't dosage or work or cut or was there personal blame it on its. Did it ever see him put a total closure will -- optimism. -- -- it's. That's always something that. But -- -- be journalists vote in the national football and so I would love to work total through most of him. Well before -- -- go I was reading the an article about Aaron who talked about his relationship with you and -- Clemens was in here the other day insane -- -- -- -- You and Harrison at a locker your Arenas Allen joke around and push and in this show each other on the practice field haven't -- How much is that relationship grown and how much is your success attached to him and his success attached -- you. Well how many guys. I really enjoy torturing your Rose should -- -- competitive -- always. From there -- him -- because we ordered -- terrible corporate. And then didn't know him. It's as a man when he's he's got -- to throw yard attempt. So emotional blow at all -- -- -- it's. Turn porter's home -- territory that he mixup on the -- here and it's all and so. You know -- he is the most important person in organization. It's important. To continue to. Develop football tournament. In easily go to personal. -- excellent sort coaching him and are rolling toward. Or personal relationship tradition if you -- -- The real system a lot of time with some. -- Jerusalem -- Which you really did I mean you know it's great he's done a lot of things and -- -- you cities are very much in the forefront this year did you you had a hell of a weekend with your own charity right. We're grew weaker. You know America central hospital. And -- -- in Madison. And consumer close to him or just here and I sort where we've made progress each and every year are sort of the final results tomorrow. But we're going to be important. For 400 toward a thousand followers of -- met their coach. Hospital -- Will return to actress -- 600 -- Just so -- the -- -- -- -- rather go to a hospital just a little additional two more about. Statewide level so couldn't do really. To give back because of the position. That we learn and then there's -- certainly part of it took and we wanted particular children. Home court visit. When you are in the position to help others -- To do -- their responsibility deuce on the -- -- most of the first two riddled club to to do. Students closer -- put most of partners. Man you've come along way from the day you an iron you know kind of drinking alone and nobody knew who -- were -- at the Fister hotel -- I certainly appreciate you coming on the show congratulations on your success in. Wish -- the best of luck this upcoming season we hope to talk begin soon okay. There's so skirted doors -- always -- Arlington thanks -- -- -- but why they go the head coach of the year Green Bay Packers. Mike McCarthy joining us on the program.