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05/21/14 – Interview – Gery Woelfel

May 21, 2014|

Milwaukee Bucks insider Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times joins Bill to discuss the NBA draft and how the future will play out for the Milwaukee Bucks.…

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are joining us -- the line our -- insider from -- -- -- journal times -- -- -- on the line with this in -- Gary. I guess the best thing David Norway had to say was that you know the bay area of the owners are gonna stay out of the way they owners -- -- said that. -- -- sounded to me like he said and -- has to fix his problems. And we'll see what he does and in a month and a half but it sounds like there's some skepticism as to whether or not to take MPM -- Well that it should be skipped through the whole week -- right now. United may have caught up in the I mean you don't -- -- issues that you certainly won't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I -- out of the year regret -- -- -- last week I was talking to. An executive and he where you are other issues. -- -- go and see what position were they were critical issue but you know to go back along with you know after you've always regret or arrogant. I don't care people are going to go out slow you know every big guys just don't -- -- -- I just I'm always skeptical of a guided it is breaking out as a big guy and he hasn't played as is more way said he hasn't played a lot of basketball -- already starting -- breakdown so -- -- -- -- is he is and maybe egos on the great success and you can say well we missed on that but. I just think that at this point in time that's that's the safer pick is not to go to that direction are you happy with the second pick overall. Oh absolutely you know I really Blazers. Well I mean you know like you know it if you all the -- you want them to get the noble want -- I think clearly Samie Parker. And now the weather and drab and but it appalled that he -- five weeks they'll look that GMs and player personnel directors here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It and which -- I was in Chicago street left. In that poll 31 players that would have you prepared to -- the first -- -- -- majority right. -- we'll let you know you are you old adage -- players -- players. But they're no good in that. We're already think they wanted of it being number -- -- they would take. -- -- -- -- -- I was trying to go beyond obvious one does point yeah exactly exactly what certainly up there yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And get it worked even oh okay. Parker -- that mean he basically -- Duke in the second half of the season. No no question evidently felt ready it's very -- for her you know -- -- -- well. Get get that the 31 players have holes. Sixteen and a half is what the outcome particular -- -- -- Parker okay. Well next hole some guy was you'd be. In he got -- and I mean it would -- call yeah so you know shut it if you don't think what -- -- great players ourselves. How does that have come and explain the half. Yeah I didn't have one -- wanted to -- all -- between Parker imbued. He didn't want all four won just one so I would find what you're after it hit a tree that labored throughout the year. So yeah we've put the ball in you know Parker India should you happen. Can be kept fighting. -- I now at this point. What happens with the organization it away from the basketball side of things the front office things -- it when do we start seeing if at all. Do we start seeing the replacement of jobs are new people coming in -- the very quiet on a Friday the press conferences or whatever that. Things that are released -- we start seeing that. You know what if it weren't going to be a law I don't think it's gonna go and go after the draft -- the draft is should that. In you know there is no doubt whatsoever that I am going to be -- or that. At that who knows what. Just from the -- -- and point. John -- -- Larry Drew went a draft lottery in your. Yeah they -- for they were I would hold. -- -- and by one of -- -- Hulk okay. That doesn't sound like you're there in the end -- trigger you would want to get. Really. Well I mean if -- -- a bit more their call for -- I don't know they're good to look around that we controlled go in Oakland were well. Mike relatives that are there were -- Euro league. Obama getting into the organization now is much as you wanna say. John Hammond and such may remain is the head coaching situation has solidified. I'd let them out of Larry Drew -- -- I understand what part of that parties you know political for the draft so. But you have it if they gonna wanna -- Our relationship with these guys going forward are I would think they would still -- so you know -- so. All indications that forward will be -- well. Then again. I know that it was Andrew Brandt who had a party for a lot of the coaches and assisting coaches and a couple of days later after New Jersey Ron -- given fired everybody -- You know I I -- -- apart maybe just maybe it's just to soften you up to say hey we we border really like -- -- people what we're gonna let you go professional. -- -- let me you know it is it's a major there and you know things can change by the you know. But you know -- -- -- -- very. Approximately there. I'm now looking at this team down the road and I had asked he I'd ask David -- -- you'll win they thought the future was what is it going to come to fruition. And he said you know we we hope it's sooner than than rather later -- would give me an exact year but is it two years is it three years what is it. Yeah I mean evidence wherever you -- -- where three you acceptable publically that they want they want champ ship there well you know it -- -- -- -- -- -- You're put put a timetable are we want can't chip -- 45 years you know -- like that. I'll leave the -- goal let me put everything you go Brady with everybody involved. And -- trouble like year to year. You know out of farmland near the books were. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Totally. So you know it they're very articulate grip on the organization. Now all the speculation begins what Cleveland is good addition Cleveland do you think -- would surely be trading out of that first for a first overall spot. Our will not look at -- -- in. That would that would -- in that regard are -- given what part because not one but. I really good -- because level for the draft lottery. Chad Ford food you know they're acquitted -- camp we're gonna take Jabari Parker. After the draft -- so they're taking -- -- And Jeff Goodman reports say that they're taking it would be. Itself. Well I mean you're you're you're old -- -- You know Cleveland -- -- you know -- a wild card at the draft well after four years apparently GM so. Well. The only conspiracy that began to run rampant on Twitter last night was that there -- are stockpiling these draft choices. In Cleveland to make it more formidable for LeBron to -- a quote come back home again. Could he really I mean go back home again after everything that was said regarding Daniel Gilbert. Adult they weren't given up quietly and -- don't -- -- if you thought the players. Miami at some -- these days it's beautiful down there. Anything they want at their disposal. -- Riley is this year and he makes -- requirement. I don't collapse or -- -- slightly builders don't worry. I won't buy you steak dinner. Will want to include that will be -- that. I am I am looking forward LeBron James going back to Cleveland for no other reason than the -- so I appreciate that very good stuff is always -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what they -- -- Angus beef I don't care I'm not a big steak guy anyway I'll take awhile for any day of the week. Ago I about being good. Regulator they go Gary -- -- on the scene journal times joining us on the Schneider or child like.