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05/21/14 – Interview – David Morway

May 21, 2014|

Milwaukee Bucks assistant general manager David Morway joins Bill to discuss the Bucks #2 lottery pick.  Also, what does the future hold for the Bucks franchise? …

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now the assistant general manager for the Milwaukee Bucks David -- -- on the line David -- -- you know what I'm doing good good -- -- -- do well I I guess the question is today after all the data is compiled. Does it make it a little easier being -- number two. You take some of the pressure off. Well no I mean you know if we lead dated it would have been nice to the number one and then to have the opportunity and then -- -- to make the decision but I think we're in a great position number two and you know more comfortable there are so we have more exciting get going and continue to preparation for for the draft so it's itself. It was a great night from Milwaukee -- remembering and not. Heck of a good young player to add to our young group and -- -- about. Now John Hammond was a part of the rebirth of the Pistons your part of the rebirth of the Indiana Pacers putting your two heads together where is this franchise in your -- to mission how far away are you. Well you know you never want to put. You know what the timeline on it but I will tell you that. He's always saying Indiana that it's like gay aircraft carrier -- one it's turning around you not. He can't quite see the aircraft turn carry turn around and and also -- -- -- it's made its turn and I think there's some truth that with us as well. We've done a lot of the -- listing here in terms creating cap flexibility and we had a lot of young. -- nice that sits on the roster nice young players that are in their development stage and we've got to let them grow organically. Tom and we've got to continue to add players this roster now and good young players that. Fit together really -- also. When we won in Indiana in -- just speaking from my experience. You know we weren't quite sure how long was gonna take but. But you know as long as sweet -- we were committed to being patient with the process we are committed to development of the players. On and off the basketball court. -- we're committed to high character of young men who were winners. -- and more committed to the community and it it worked out force and that I think John Mayer you know we want to follow model now. His salary even well good luck charm. I feel like -- something out you know I. Eighteen years old -- the composure she showed and that she was. -- that he's special that doesn't surprise me you you know whatsoever without having met the family in and started to get to know lasts you know it's just they have a great family and she's she says -- something else. -- -- two more years three or years one more year what does it. Well sake I mean I think that's a question that probably appropriate for mark and and and last but you know I think they've. Been you know publicly said that they're -- what send. They just got the franchise you know three days ago and you know I think they are. That they've got to have some time to evaluate. Everybody in the franchise in and the direction we're going and get to know us and we got to get to know them but but I think that. At least from the at the beginning them there's a synergy in the chemistry in terms of and terms of philosophically on well and the direction wanna go with the franchise and down we're looking forward working with them. When they had said that we are fans and we are going to stay out of the way of the basketball people. Did you sit back relax and light a cigar. That you know -- -- that notre says that they you know they always come down out of off the pedestal they see what's going on here. It well you expect him to they -- it in outside I appreciate them. You know west saying that and you know out we actually I got to play John and -- are really looking forward to to working with them and having them involved in the process this is really an exciting time and -- they are. It -- this thing has really impressed me is their commitment to this franchise into the city -- to the state -- there excitement about. Are bringing a championship caliber team. To Milwaukee everything they talk about is bringing a championship team to Milwaukee -- -- there. They they -- who. They're gonna spend the money. They're gonna do put the resources in place that we need in -- to develop our players and so it's really an exciting time to be part of the franchise. Fumble when we talk about their commitment to Milwaukee Mike my question is I think a lot of people that are out there just as a fan would say. Why -- -- two guys that are billionaires from New York why do they care about Milwaukee. You know I can't answer that question probably better for them that cancer but I will play this their lifelong. And NBA -- huge sports fans this is a dream come true for them they have the opportunity. To buy this franchise and and that's part of that I think -- You know senator Kohl was very careful and who is -- -- the franchise to the type of people on the commitment they were gonna make the community. And you know I I trust center call and and in getting to know -- marquis could just tell that they are they're just so excited to become part of this community and to. You know it to bring. A special. Basketball team to this community something that community can be so proud of -- -- reflect the values in this community and that's. That's exciting for -- and I because that's. That's what we want to be able to do wanna build some special for this community something -- -- reflect Milwaukee reflect the state of Wisconsin. How many pieces do you have in place. In terms of players you -- that's good question though you know it's hard to say we're we're evaluating. You know where young basketball team very young team and we had so many injuries this year and them. And a lot of young dancer are at the beginning stages. Of their growth so it's it's it's really hard -- to say but you know certainly. We're excited -- -- honest we think he has a chance to be special. You know more excited about. -- Brandon and the development he had this year. He's got he's got to continue to improve but he knows those areas him well there's a very specific plan for him as well as for all -- players summer. You know we really like the way Chris -- came along this year hadn't played before and and looks like he can you know it will Wear the league is today you need shooters and you guys -- -- -- that stretch the floor and and Chris is obviously very good shooter. We're excited about John Henson he's got work to do these guys body needs to grow but in terms of his skill set and what he brings to table. You know he he he brings things that you just can't teach to the table and then you know. With Nate where -- we just feel like and we we got lucky in and we found this. This gym rat who loves the game who's who's more athletic than you'd think -- has incredibly high basketball IQ and and is scout leadership qualities so. We're excited about him -- net and -- -- regular back on the court you know and and Larry makes a difference I mean before I got here. You know one of the attractions about coming up here was you know Larry was this you -- -- terrific young piece that. That you -- made a tremendous difference. You know -- about spoke or when he was playing with bucks mean defensively the team was completely different when he was on and -- his off court. My first experience with him was out at the national team trials and I can tell you -- He was the dominating big men out there till he got hurt so we've got to get that straightened out and get him back on -- basketball court so we think we have some pieces. They've got to continue to to work on their game they got to continue to grow this doesn't happen over night. But if we do this in the right way we think we have taken some steps this year and work more on the way. Don't go Michael and it Larry Sanders. Have you talked to going I mean you know because you thought -- warehouses had this year meeting was at favorite player coming out last season and everything is gonna -- -- -- around him this year where's he at right now. Well we talked to him all the time you know and so yeah I mean there's -- costly talking Larry and -- And yet he he did he had a difficult year now what's interesting and I I think we should target is that. You know he had a unfortunate experience of -- the beginning in the year we understand that when he came back -- And start applying he went through -- ten game stretch where he averaged. Thirteen. And and I think block and a half somewhere. You know something in the in the in that neighborhood. And those are. -- -- couldn't do it and no one numbers -- just give me an idea you so. And then he had you know it's unfortunate injury you know he took James Harden -- -- -- to that is. So aside you know socket and match and out for the year -- and no you know things happen from the -- You know we're we're confident that if he has he's gonna have a great summer he's committed to having a great summer. He started -- -- ready. He's healthy now physically. And if we can get him back on the basketball court -- some of our young pieces some of our veteran pieces and we haven't even start talking about getting her -- back healthy. Which is really exciting for us you know he's not to play in the national -- in the summer and amnesty to give -- an opportunity to. To get healthy you know our son's only twice Sixers all. And them. You know we get Carlos healthy you know we and in our young players to -- the summer you know we feel like you know we can start to move. This -- forward. -- before months ago I mean obviously you're not gonna tell us who you're taking -- -- -- hoping to get -- though a lot of talk about -- -- a guy that's kind of 5050 anytime you get a big man with an injury. People say you know what shy away from that what -- your thoughts on MB. He's a terrific talent. He's you know he's going play the game of couple years and his skill set is both offensively and defensively is you know as it is fairly advance for that he's. He he's going to be able block shots and -- has great feet. So he's got a chance to -- special talent. The the issues relative to his back. And those have to be resolved and and you know through this process over the next month they will be will will have the information that we need. And it's so that we can make a determination on -- on the extent of it and and how -- factor moving forward but in terms of just. Pure talent he's certainly one of the guys that you gotta talk about another in the top -- Everybody is listening to the word you were saying -- trying to do dissect your actual meetings this this. You know that you did a good job of being relatively cryptic but -- -- what you're saying David I appreciate your time so much thanks for joining us for couple minutes okay. -- enjoyed it don't look forward to seeing appreciate it's a decent amount they got that's David -- way he is the assistant general manager of the Milwaukee --