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05/02/14 – Interview – Lance Roenicke

May 2, 2014|

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Lance Roenicke joins Bill to talk about his decision to become a player-coach. Why did he want to become a player-coach? Does his teammates look at him differently? How important is team chemistry? What have you learned …

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- now the and the name that you recognize at least Lance last name but Lance -- -- joining us player coach. I personal thanks for taking a couple minutes to -- -- appear but how -- is it to to have clear coached and he. It's a little on handsome and still needs to. But it's -- it's its coaching. Suns haven't taken that as it goes learn as much as I can. -- -- positions so it's. It's grown on me a little bit but it's it's a -- it's difference is the aspiration eventually were accurate through the system and take the edged out when he retires -- -- It's is something -- -- -- new to me. Scene of the some but I wanna deal but I'm I'm likeness as as it goes in. Now I'm here to to learn as much as I can. It I guess why players coach and -- -- his. They said okay let's make you players' coach but why do you want that position. Something -- available. I know I could only you know benefit from this position. The experience of it is something that's. You know kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity so whatever I wanna do -- to go back home and you know coaching college here. On ago that that coaching -- having a year of professional coaching and red nose visit music written. When. When you sit down now is as a coach is opposed to a player. Are right does do you look at the game differently. Yeah I mean that I'm Marty picking up a lot of -- you know really makes you wanna play again. -- -- over -- first days every day. You know you pick up a little things you to really watch the game kind of break it apart. Arm there's no stress relief on -- so I get to learn in Tennessee things and and a different light that I didn't necessarily -- you know as a player. Where this position was it was created for you wasn't like this was something that they mean -- when this was created for you. My question is -- And is it something that they thought. Let's make him a coach because he's got the knowledge or let's make a player's coach because he's got the ability or both work it's just it's something you'll see every -- in Alaska that I -- was a player manager -- -- -- -- Yeah arm actually I'd I'd never leave her to -- opportunity here heard -- -- this position and so mentally it was brought to my attention and then. You know some guys that -- coach in this organization approach means that they actually spent a year as a player coach mine my first year coaching. And so is something that you don't really see don't hear of -- -- -- like Turkey -- -- his his last year playing. Was really use a player coach in so it's one of those things that. I think David like QB like years feel for the game. Not a good relationship with some the guys on this team and -- played with before. And so is this one of those things I think that you know in my -- -- had room for -- necessary playing wise but he wanted to keep on because Mike and knowledge for the game and so. They had an opening here and I think whenever you have an extra coach it takes less pressure off the right you know the pitching coach managers -- -- To the guys look at you any different. On -- little bit different. But they still they joke around with me in -- about a month ago I still -- that. That relationship up with them as a player and so. I think it's kind of that you know on the -- -- where that economy and -- -- things and -- -- go to the coaches so they still have that. That relationship with me as a player -- -- you know these seniors you know higher up as as -- right now. What is it about the minors that would be different. Than than I mean you grew up around you know your dad was with socially just talk -- -- separate usually eleven years and Scioscia with the Angels. Growing up around it what is it about the minors that you wouldn't learn. Saved from just hanging out with that armed. -- that you need to stay on your own two feet and earn your stripes -- -- I mean yeah you need to earn your -- but I think you know. Being at this level you get I get there were the guys kind of hands on and really help them develop finder teams themselves. And kind of help them grow in this game you know same as watching my dad -- -- when he managed in the minor leagues. There's there's a lot of things a learn a lot of things to improve on and so -- in -- starting hearing kind of working your way -- he really start building routine start building. Just. And all around feel for how you -- -- go about the game and I went prepared guys. You were here couple years ago and you guys -- the championship talk about that experience because I mean you know then your player. You know and now all of a sudden you're you're you're the veteran. Because a group. I mean you can ask for better first years signs one to -- are. Four I think I was there for three games and then on the -- from -- outlook since I joined the team. During all star break and I've played with him the whole second -- and security clearance to play Albert he. To start and so -- that took a lot of pressure -- the guys of the you know we really got a focus and work on things the second half to get us ready for playoffs. And then you know as soon as playoffs -- mean we we've scuffled a little bit the second half. But as soon as that you know. That playoffs and we -- we hit our stride guys are getting along each other grades are our relationship and -- -- club atmosphere. I don't know if you could ever repeat that and we a lot of older guys like kind of veteran guys -- -- -- But we just -- loves to play the game with each other there is no individual effort it was what was best for the team I think -- that's and then -- really gets out of those clubs here. Is he gets guys to buying -- the team chemistry and you know he gets he gets the best settled us and so is is -- at around one the whole thing and so bettering my first two point pro. Is that the threat because we -- we we talk so much about that and you know when I was down spring training they kept talking about optimism about the clubhouse was closer it was it was just a different field and you know every year we talk about clubhouse chemistry but there's there's yours just know you just feel it and how important is that if you -- because I don't know how it makes you better that's an intangible. Isn't it is is just something to how does it make you better. I think it takes the pressure off of you arm I think you -- to the park you know really looking for today. Just this is a daily grind the when you enjoy yourself. And he makes a huge difference and so. We have that here I think they're they're still kind of searching for it on an everyday basis but we have a really good group here and I think you know once once the weather starts. Kind of allowing us to have a daily routine and -- -- you the same thing every day these guys will start to really understand what it takes and how to really prepare themselves. When you -- chances you know sit back to route in -- -- you do. You were second guessed that. I mean there's always things. Question that you question and it affects given the clubhouse -- amount there's no way -- -- long institute on now exactly it's it's great for me is now among decided. -- -- our teams will look at. My -- And it's nice to kind of seeded seems too recent appear in their games -- -- he handles it Albertine handles it. And so it's mean it's it's it's an all -- learning experience means I'm always taken is asking questions asking -- questions are really -- -- round. I'm hundred tournaments -- I was gonna ask you win when you try to learn from particular people it's one thing to say OK I go to you know the -- it's in my feeling and it's currently government you know Major League manager. But because. On the other -- dad you know it's a different relationship so do you kinda get more out of what you're doing here. On what you witnessed over the years it -- growing up and seeing kind of demeanor the way Hamels so. Really everything. I mean I've been watching him from day one really how he handles his club how we arm. You know really goes on. Getting a relationship with a player you know. Such as shown hey here's a lineup go play I mean he gets in -- as players -- builds relationships with them and just kind of has that personal connection with them. And so some thing I'm I'm working on here trying to do that our -- But -- wherever you are. However know much -- on the game you pick up on little things that kind of help you as far as. You know what you wanna do necessarily what you don't really -- and -- and CDs you pick up under the things that help you become the manager in person one of the. I'm receiving you're talking about to this complex -- facility and the one -- -- blown me away just walk around -- never worked on the -- in the the pro shop we -- just on a little while ago and it's bigger than what they have a merry go pigeon -- -- mr. Miller Park which -- gonna compare to some of the minor league facilities or. You're gonna compare to like spring training facilities with a Major League guys go. This places -- -- -- expanded your tell me via the weight room the coaches senator downstairs the clubhouse -- have been improved. I don't think people realize what kind of -- -- -- they have no idea. I mean you come from. You know Helen allows there for a little bit some older -- -- -- -- historic park but you come here and so when I but I sort of day one moment and the -- dispute this is what it's like him. And able and so they does have a great facility here and then the -- put into this past year. I mean they had great additions to this just to get away from the cold weather this -- outside he could come up here. You know -- on the gift shop which is really -- arm so they it is they had some really nice additions -- -- make this the spark. Is the place. Is this is as a player that's traveling gone through the system is this one of the nicer perks -- -- yeah I mean I've played and Brevard Florida last year. And it's it's a spring training park the nationals by its its little rundown. But this and in this is the best part I've played and -- stars are in our minor league system. I know guys that when they come here to play they love the parks a few other teams Brett and -- -- -- place that I think people enjoy it Reno home or away but come to play here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well as a great big now Lance bestseller team and whatever they're doing that choosing where you ever end -- -- -- it is the only thing. That.