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05/02/14 – Interview – Chris Mehring

May 2, 2014|

Chris Mehring, radio broadcaster for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, joins Bill to talk about the Timber Rattlers. Chris discusses the history of the franchise.  What is it like being an affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers? What are some promotions the …

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chris -- now -- used via. The radio broadcaster for the Wisconsin -- -- dormant think -- -- I'm doing great there's no rain in the forecast and note hard to pull off the field and kind of single game tonight so -- -- guys down there and -- these jackets there -- work on the field right now -- -- -- for summer or -- -- guys -- as well yes we -- it's been a rough April -- -- talked about the -- -- -- -- it's you know -- it's tough when you got two dollars and 24 hours but. Weather's gonna turn eventually I I still age you were showing us around here I still kick it over this -- and it is nice as it is and if people haven't discovered news release -- -- that the issue it but it. -- For the history here you were going through the legends room youngsters like legends -- it that I don't think people realize that. History here either. Yeah I mean it started back in in the early twentieth century actually there is there -- a team in new Wisconsin Illinois league and they were called paper makers and they played over -- -- all ballpark that's not even around anymore and then. In 1940 the Appleton paper makers were in Wisconsin state league we had some great players at that time pats -- who hit four home runs of the game for the -- White Sox. He had he played here and we have some great names in the forties and fifties and then. Start back up -- 58 Jack McKie and managed here trader Jack. Earl Weaver managed your cal Ripken senior played here cal Ripken junior spent some time Izzo. Two year old here in -- and then. You know Harold Baines and to some great names come and all the way through and now that we've been in this ballpark -- -- players like David Ortiz and even now with the Brewers you got to I know Jim Henderson was just one on the field to David Jim Henderson. Basically -- started his career with the Brewers here -- -- Arlington Chris Davis that are are single season home run record and when he tends scooter played here on that team. Willie payroll -- was here and just some great names off from the past and now hopefully from future. And you just hit a manager win the franchise. Record win so to speak as far as managerial records go. And which you know -- it's been really great running back a couple years when you guys -- collecting rings on the Arizona you know for the for the championship. It's been really great run how great of -- been now with the affiliation with the Brewers now that it's hometown in its. And it's been incredible because I remember in in 08. We announced the press conference that we're going to be changing from Seattle we can really say who we were -- going to write but I think everybody knew was going to be -- Brewers and we just figured to media was gonna show but all the sudden we get 5060 people all -- in from the general public -- wanted to come in and see this press conference with Rick Schlesinger -- mr. Robin Doug Melvin and we set an attendance record the following year in 253000. Experience come through here and we just set another attendance record per game attendance just in this ballpark because conine was the year that we political parked in front of pretty nice crowd American -- -- our attendance record but. -- -- -- -- If it's really helped it really helped that it's at the start when we became the Brewers because there Rueter 600 boxing future first but now that we have guys that are on -- team. People realize -- you know we're gonna see some guys are going to be -- caricature of yours. And you guys have strength in that through you know relationship as well obviously haven't hit Supreme -- -- baseball being played up here. That being said looking at this franchise in the future. We -- talking about additional -- in the outfield additional expansions around the ballpark. Are you just renovated this and got it done last year. How much for the do you see this don't. -- I think we can I think that we can take this is as far as we want to me word we're not going to be going to Tripoli were gonna stay in in a ball worse in the Midwest League. But. I think if we make some additions and I mean we're doctor for a fun and I -- that's are buddies -- when. In April as -- next. -- -- -- obviously obvious expansions but it Arafat what record do that but. I think they are your season new areas birds and maybe some new all weather areas for fans like this upstairs to to be able to have their pregame picnics no matter -- and maybe watch the games inside when it's cold but. -- -- we get some great ideas and I think that them the next big idea is the 360 concourse because that's something that a lot of minor league teams have you can just walk walk around more related departments. It's it's an interest in balance in Minor League Baseball as you would like to make it destination for. You know the that the twenty somethings and where they really -- a mountain gonna make their own but then again it's a huge family oriented thing as well. How difficult is that balance for this mark me. It does is it. Does present a challenge but we do have different nights and we never bang for your buck night which is the dollar sort of -- -- -- dollar -- night to bring the college kids out there and we have family nights and fireworks on Fridays and Saturdays. And we have Brewers Sundays where we were that the brewer team jerseys and we bring in players -- Raleigh fingers -- Gorman Thomas and hormonal Peter -- ever going to be here Sunday -- you're will be here later this year on we've had -- Sanders and Larry Beisel has been in. And that brings people up from Milwaukee and I think. One of the things that that I know Rick Schlesinger said this and I think -- -- this to heart back in a way when we announced it. Rick -- understood he wants. Timberwolves fans become Brewers fans are Uga fans appear that wanna go down to Miller Park and check out the Brewers and and he wants Brewers fans from different looks as we have people coming up from -- -- -- -- us out there. You know we've become a more regional teams are soft should Boykins banality I don't often -- and that's been dealt to Milwaukee and -- all coming into the tomorrow. Yeah and then you're talking before we got to run here we are talking before about -- the emergence of the north -- -- these teams cropping up building new stadiums getting bigger better. I just think you know people keep saying it's taken the discretionary dollar -- the more people that are interest in baseball more people are willing to travel a little bit sick of baseball waters. Fine just on -- absolutely no from -- Chris thanks for joining us for a couple minutes.