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05/02/14 – Interview – Rob Zerjav

May 2, 2014|

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers president Rob Zerjav joins Bill to talk about the Timber Rattlers. How difficult is it to manage a minor league team? What is it like when Brewers players coming to Appleton for rehab assignments? What are some …

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rob Sergio here with us the president general manager personal thanks for coming up -- -- -- -- this is fantastic you know thanks for being this great. Glad you're here and excited to get past April I was gonna say how much is the weather -- -- -- we do the down on the farm report every day were reading postponed because of weather. Yet now it's not an easy. We've had rain snow you name it -- Owns the other players -- there thinking this is crazy again they come up from Arizona so we we try to tell them don't worry about it it's nights it's beautiful once we get. Past April and they don't -- -- yet so -- -- Good looking at this team and it. How difficult is it to manage to always ask people in the minors to do this because helped it record as the manager roster knowing that guys can go up guys from down to their rehab -- you got a guy like -- shape and it's gonna come delegates and worked out how difficult it is it -- manager roster. Well and the Brewers handle all of that and they they control everybody along the way it's so they. It there there's juggling and in for us it's it's we we know that we on our Andrews will be promoting what -- what's going on not necessarily the players per say but. -- are now without Helen we we have a couple extra guys here and and we'll see some flip flopping but. It's tough because you never know along the guy's going to be years especially when they're doing well and and that's what we -- -- see we want to win and our fans when Macias win but at same time visible player development so you'll see a guy that. Like last year mechanic -- was here and we are excited to have him and he performed and they moved him Upton and good for match for -- sliced. Opposed to the that the stadium itself he -- holds just what under 60060. Okay. And -- now what's in the -- and it's up. Average attendance -- around 4000 okay again in April we're gonna. Below which idol once -- get into June July August for capacity most nights -- Yeah -- it's it's a great place to -- -- ball game we try to people that small there's certain nights that we could we could hit 101000 people firm from a tennis standpoint. But though we don't wanna see is in a hand in early in the -- there's 101000 seats and Italy 4000 people here does that -- next atmosphere. Not as exciting this way we try to have a capacity crowd. -- How much his Time Warner Cable -- you guys. It's been great because I don't like sitting in my Helmand -- -- Wisconsin and get a chance to catch a couple of -- games are renowned legislated that you look through our local baseball cool yeah noted that that relations and great with American sports channel and and it's really helped us get the the word out. Down in in the Milwaukee area as well because of time -- -- reached. And we've had a lot of people just play like you mentioned say. Boy it's great to see we didn't realize this park was a clean race and I'm not a lot of people come out just because of that so we're trying to get more games on TV we have. Another thirty of our games locally appeared in in the northeast Wisconsin area and you know -- -- eventually seven. This you can just renovated this last year just last year OK that -- -- phenomenal upstairs here in this -- -- This is this is Rockets at this is better than merry go this bit of a lot of ballparks when we go into spring training for some of these new model list that have been built up there. This is nicer than that I mean. You know it when you look around ballparks especially some of the -- -- you go to like there at Nashville you go to court county you'd -- get a chance trailed some of those places. I'll travel a more -- around the midwest style at the spring training sites I haven't -- to Nashville -- -- while we were down -- for the baseball and -- a couple years ago -- the -- -- Nashville -- -- -- -- -- is -- so that was. That they're excited about getting -- -- -- this is right away so I haven't haven't been able C Nationals Park but. Yeah we have a unique situation here -- community -- team where where much like the Green Bay Packers so we don't have an owner we did this isn't. A city run -- -- everything we do here is on -- -- and all the dollars we raise go back into the facility. And it will be what we did is we we had six million dollar renovation last year looked at a lot of different amenities we. Ask fans what they wanted to see Ian and a lot of what you see is what what -- you're told by the fans yeah we have this this club area. Fox club up here -- it's great for. Events. Game days but we've been using a lot on non game days we've had weddings we just got done what does this -- do a lot of -- -- a lot of business functions up here so pretty much used pretty much daily. And then we have the suites of as well we have six weeks here so a lot of corporate entertaining. -- -- been real nice changed at the ball. You have something for everybody here we are severe looking at this giant line like who chairs that are down the -- -- Right field line that you've got to picnic area out there you've got to volleyball area out there in the bullpen threw in the outfield after people stand above those opens up there. Yeah what we we try to do we do we develop the -- so you can walk around basically three quarters of the entire stadium. -- -- -- in the bull pens but yet you can stand up there watch the guys. Couple years ago. In our pitchers kind of found a way to make some spare change in the bullpen -- and they have it's the recorders and if they get the quarter in the cup they get a baseball so they -- taken in 3540 Miami's many regular. -- -- that's exactly right. -- now all the team itself you just couple years ago I was out in spring training you guys got Aviv the -- -- breaks. And I know your manager just ended -- setting a career record here to worry franchise record franchise for a record record -- -- wins yeah so it you know it seems like this things really got a lot of momentum who want to know what they -- you was. With the explosion of the north which week because there's so much baseball in in Wisconsin -- -- does that hurt you guys -- help you -- -- I I think the more baseball the better you know we like the guys in the north -- league and we tried to partner with them on a couple of different things. It's a different brand of baseball you know those guys that are playing in that -- -- trying to. He seemed to draft and eventually come and play here. We have had quite a few players from the north was -- -- plan our team. Just locally up in Green Bay with a bull frogs just prince was a big player for them. He was draft pick the numbers came and played for us then. So there's that time so I think that's a good thing in in the more people interest -- in baseball the batter and you know again we like to see the Brewers -- really really well. Because again people get excited about it not everybody's especially from the -- can go down -- Milwaukee. -- make multiple trips of a common CIS. But again with our -- with the Brewers it's been been great for us and drawing from the Milwaukee area and -- people here know what you get a guy like -- which -- for the testament to rehab assignment. -- the -- -- yeah it's interesting especially with social media now what you'll see is. All of a sudden we'll start to get enough uptick in tickets and we'll see what's going on -- will be web based ticket sales and and we'll call all the -- OK now we're hearing people calling in saying in this happened a couple years ago and then I'll throw named Dave Bush was our first -- -- we ever had. -- -- like a big deal now but. It was back then and then we actually called down to the Brewers and then I called court actions that you know Dave Bush coming we're getting all these phone calls and so on 66. Let me second that and it's funny holidays social media and I've -- -- -- talk with -- about it and it's -- yes sometimes -- gets out before we even know what's what's what's happened so. It is we've had Carlos Gomez here a handful of times Jonathan -- was here two years ago for four games and pretty much the biggest four game stretch we've ever had treatment and points -- it's. Great guy -- -- we we have him on the show as a regular anyway at least he's a good guy I think a lot of people just taken him. Yeah exactly and I'm not -- appear they're going mocked as well yeah yeah it is our fans -- -- -- -- they wanna see these guys and it's also exciting to see you know the guys that have come through here and and marxists succeeding with the Brewers Chris Davis a -- -- Mean -- Maldonado Jim Henderson Tyler Thornburg -- for all the we've had all of these guys here and in for our fans to see them and they connect with them now. That's really happening in and so now we've got guys and our team where people are saying OK I think they're going to be the one I think they're going to be in making that step and it's a lot of fun for fantasy. Some of the best promotions ever in sports have come from a minor leagues and I know you guys got a lot of Promos and -- -- -- Thomas coming up so it's pretty. Pretty cool that we. Really preclude you know Gorman Thomas we don't follow gore and -- so we kind of the build up to that. Like that you get you worked -- got some of the guys that are coming up but you have some other stuff going on appears well emotionally. Go over some of the highlights your season of people that are listening now may want to participate. Yeah you know we we do a lot we do a lot with the Brewers would bring in some former Brewers. In what's funny is on the biggest promotion we've got going right now I think the dog is coming -- -- 1 Micah it is. Yeah I've -- are going crazy and were silent on the tickets. For -- -- the doc so we're excited about that. But they bring in the house. I don't think they're bringing out there courtesy of the house somewhere electrical lines recently -- -- to build their own policy. We we have a lot of -- at -- and eleven bobbled giveaways this year. I'm him but from a non baseball standpoint we have Star -- night which is a huge night for us -- -- -- in Star -- uniforms. Have Star Wars characters these are authentic -- uniforms and what your own version comic con over here yeah you know -- you try to appeal to everybody else. -- candidate -- young a young boys are the good news the comic fans and then. I'm speaking of that we have super heroes night we have Captain America and Spiderman coming in here in -- it's going to be a big -- -- keep giveaways so. For those little boys are the same time we don't believe that the little girls of our biggest nights now is is -- -- -- princess night. We have different Francis has come out from Cinderella satellite sleeping beauty and then we have all of these girls come out we we give away. Here is when they come through the ballpark but I've never seen and I don't I have to lose two -- no girls -- -- It's amazing at how many girls have these princess dresses in the whole park is just -- of these girls addresses and it just coldly you -- you hit a different demographic and it's all about family entertainment for us -- any way to get people -- the ballpark taste baseball there's a ton of people come on tell me. You know we're -- baseball -- we just love coming in the atmosphere of the families that and and they become baseball fans which is great there. As a baseball fan like to see looking for that eighties night and dollar -- From four feet and I -- not quite yet but dollar beer actually every every Wednesday is dollar -- -- -- on Wednesday. With that -- -- Saturday night with a -- and I sold out I'm here. Like they want minutes it's fantastic thanks for inviting us up and having -- here.