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1/24/13 – John Hammond

Jan 24, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This guy's going to be around for a while it's a good thing I I but I really think he's done a good job with the Milwaukee Bucks in he signed a contract extension yesterday him in the senator working it out ocean as a former senator working and out. John -- the general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks now joining us on the -- Michael -- John. -- -- Heytvelt -- great great catching up with you. You know when when you referred to the senator I think it does and it worked out late like you know once your approach your article twenty. Yards and what -- president -- the president I think. To me is I came to an article. I -- I I guess I just don't know I don't want to like offend anybody analysts say heat senator and -- like 45 people call me it's -- -- we got a senator anymore you know you don't often have your people. I don't think after 24 years of service you probably yeah. Right you are correct. They -- first of all congratulations. In you know for a while -- people used the terminology of lame -- in and whether or not you did or did not want to return to Milwaukee I guess what made this thing -- you know fruition now. I think it was just you don't want to get kind of right time for everybody and -- you know I've I'm I'm I'm very comfortable here in in in Milwaukee is Italy you know. -- -- -- my whole wary of growing up and I know there's there's a certain comfort zone for me. Being here in in this area I love it and. You know I'm I'm very comfortable competitor and I -- felt like I have an owner who is that -- -- a -- a great person and obviously he's he's proven that by what he's done for. Come to the city of Milwaukee an entire state -- what continent we talked about it service separately for years to -- state and then and then he'll anyone to win games. And that that's important you know and and and he's committed to winning so he put those two together and you think it's it's a great great work experts remain. Well let's talk about winning because your team right now is winning since the change I believe -- six and two from not mistaken. Boylan has done a tremendous job right I play center when we -- him on the program are really like Jim -- always have -- think he's a personable guy and obviously that seemed to be paying off. The team seems to be playing looser. -- it does is this still just an open look -- -- is is basically his tryout as the head coach are you gonna put -- a search after this or is this gonna sway your opinion one way or the other. -- -- you know it is it's it it's up progress. That that we're gonna go through and. Well will all we will continue to do to evaluate this season as we move forward picked. You know Jim is doing an excellent job and and I know that our players appreciate his effort and I can say for sure that that that we really appreciate -- Cornerstones as far as this team goes I know you always have more work to do there's always things you can tinker with footwear do you feel this team is right now. -- -- -- -- I'd I think we're I think we're in an independent it'd been had a fairly good position you know we have we have. Are a lot of we have a lot of young players. We have a a a good salary structure right now as we move forward. Cornerstone you know you look at. You look at the pieces like Brandon Jennings you know Brandon is is a restricted free agent we you're gonna have. The right to match -- hopefully he won't have to go into -- restricted free used to process we can sign him this summer without that but if he doesn't and hit it just. Right to do so that's what the rules allow that but we had a right to match any contract -- he would start until. You know we we want Brandon here we want to keep bringing here we want him to be a long term peace as the Milwaukee buck kept. You know we out Monta Ellis is you look at that backcourt those two guys between him almost averaging forty points a game -- -- in this situation a little bit different because he's. He's now get a player option so he could be out restricted December etiquette could affect -- in it in a different way but you know why can't these you know her side as you know we just signed him last year. Another keeper peace we thank you know we know we know but let the public a young met Larry Sanders young -- you know young that Tobias Harris young. Don't -- we we've got a lot of young pieces that out. We think he would you move forward with and and and it's if we move forward in a very Smart organized manner I think we could find a way to stay competitive. John you look at the NBA this -- the hole it's a topsy turvy league yeah Lakers are. Twelfth place in the Western Conference dallas' is out of the playoffs right now -- -- -- teams that have been traditional powers I gotta think that that. Makes things a little more interesting come trade deadline time and and there's going to be deals out there for the taking -- -- trader John for nothing you've got to. I have been salivating at the idea of of their possibly being -- they could we see something down the road here with the -- that make that final push. I don't know wont wont see you know where we we want to be very Smart and wise -- decisions because you just take it -- a few years to get in this position. Where -- a lot I. Our forwards are -- are are -- some more right now and they're gonna continue to Iranian and and I know a lot of other teams are also but. You know we do have we have some we have expiring contracts. We have pop up good players on rookie contracts which are huge assets four people in this league so. -- we have some things that people want bit. But we also want to move forward in -- -- -- set and a Smart organized -- because it it's taken us awhile to get our to get our our our our our structure our financial. Structure in in in a good place and -- there now and and and cut its did you know what when I talk about that people think oh man you don't want spender the -- to littlest and it keeps -- we will spend. We just want to make sure spinning -- and if we are gonna spend that we're gonna win as we spend. Well let's just enemies people watching -- get some body but you don't -- -- throw money just throw money because of it's if it's good money after bad money the only -- you -- any good. -- my question to you was this then -- the franchise like Hewitt said -- there's always room to tinker you've got some cornerstones in place. If you had to say I'm not necessarily saying make a deal today but if you had to upgrade a particular area what would that area -- what was -- if you're never wish list of six top three what would have been -- you know. Well you know -- I think -- start by saying that you know it most every NBA team would probably we need shooting. You can never have enough so that -- you know rob. Proceeding would always -- 888. Concern for us dependent and -- need for us. Probably at any point at any time no matter what kind of time he had. What kind of team we had -- -- and then -- say album I've I've said that from from they want to but we've got here that our elected to be likely to become more athletic camp. And out and -- -- -- -- you know people people come the NBA games. Illegal at a baseball game meet you want to watch home runs being that -- and people come in big utility they've won at least three point shot and made anyone's gonna slam -- -- or two people that it would be great athletes and our locker came to continue to try to get more athletic you look at -- -- -- Candace right now just because of Larry. -- the best on our team. I've played above the rim -- a lot of attention I think just because that to fans like watching that so much. The other team the way it stands right now rotational -- -- that Jim Boylan has a -- for in the rotation and how guys are playing right now on the way this team is playing. I think so I think -- but you know we we've got. What were out a work in progress. In in I think in in in almost every facet and that's kind of what we've been talking about it you know from the financial structure -- -- to work in progress to our to our roster to. You know a lot changes that needed to even just you know -- like that game to game yet I still love still bomb -- -- rotation issues but I do think that hasn't happened. Over the last big gains I think our guys have kind of settle down into. What their roles are and and and and how they're going to be playing. That doesn't mean that -- change for a particular player -- as we move forward over the next two. 1020 game is out bits -- right now I do think our guys are corrupt one I think that that is important but we've got to. You know we have to continue to play well. They do it for -- -- playoff race and needed to be a playoff team we're what we're gonna have to do -- to finish strong. A lot of always made about how you need that star power in the NBA to win but. You're part of a franchise that sort of went against the grain on that back when in -- time with Detroit. And -- that the model I know for some small market NBA teams to try to build a team like that Detroit team that had so much success in the early part of the decade. Do you see any similarities with the way the Bucs are being built right now and what you've been able to accomplish and that Detroit Pistons team of the early part of the two thousands. -- -- you could make comparisons there but but but we're not yet ready able to do yet that's for sure you know that -- I can I would tell people what happened in Detroit. Was really -- not anomaly -- I I don't. In Italy is if you look if you look at the teams that. Maybe had won championships. Twenty years previous to that maybe even 25 years previous to that -- are all four championship season and then since that time. Almost every team you can look at it and end and almost -- most -- had. -- hall of Famer. Usually two hall of famers or sometimes three hall of famers. And the interesting thing about what happened in Detroit and I think that that we're gonna probably up at and -- a -- belt makes all the same I think it. He can -- be considered I'm not sure he's going to or -- Walsh promoted did they defense and they may be but besides that you know we don't have a -- -- that. That Kobe Bryant that Tim Duncan. You know that LeBron James or Dwyane Wade equipment that are there -- sure fire hall of famers. That's what we have there and and and did you know I would rather do it the other way I don't always get it would -- more just caught I would like to have that play that you say. When you walk in -- training camp penal this -- good enough that you start this season. With the 45 wins in your hip pocket before even take the -- training camp and we you have one of those guys on your team or two of those guys on eighteen you're gold. -- -- for -- -- when askew with your signing yesterday rates Lotta speculation one way or the other about the senator and the possibility of a sale of the team. George signing indicate anything one way or the other whether the senator is more anxious to sell or is not more anxious to sell. I don't think anything changed with the senator I think he's. He's committed to having this team here he wasn't this team to be here long term and I don't think that it changed one bit. -- -- one more of a thing for you make your last minute -- for Brandon Jennings be an all star. While you know I really hope it happens for him -- You know Harlem I I think he Elliott if you look and say at. What he's done you look at his his his numbers and his performance gave -- game out. From -- I I think he's continued to show that he is that they need -- elite level player and that he should be considered. I had not Starks you know I'll make a case for the fact that we're winning games right now you know where -- -- -- doesn't have a winning record. I'm gonna be really disappointed if if if Brandon doesn't make it if someone makes it from a team that. A similar player to -- That it shouldn't -- in especially -- -- a young player. Are like like Brandon and and it may be young point guard like -- that that that that is played and Serena now winning and make it had to read it. I would be very disappointed -- that and -- one of the reasons why because I I still think. -- and -- grace batting drainage in each had also been a rookie of the year. You know he was second in voting to rookie of the year and Tyreke Evans won it and you know that. Brady comes in he helped turn our franchise's rookie year we went 46 games -- -- won a first round series in his rookie season. And I think you should give the people talk about that the talk about all -- -- you're rewarded for winning. You know we have a one -- that he'd elite level understand that part but you know -- we're still having. We're still winning and if you look at Brandon is record in comparison overall record in comparison to the guy he's compared to -- four year record when -- just. For the most part he's won more games in a more majority of those guys even know we haven't been elite status -- -- That's my case I think he deserves -- I hope he gets just. John good stuff I certainly I'm glad you're sticking around we appreciate you joining us for a couple of minutes to okay. Thank god I appreciate me it would get. Thanks -- -- -- -- later they go John Hammond the general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks he signs a three year contract extension yesterday joins us. Here today and makes the case for Brandon Jennings have looked nothing has change regarding the senator wants to keep the team -- Milwaukee whether he sells it. Or whether he decides to to to hang onto it for a while the commitment remains the same and that's to keep it. In this state for a long time to come. Talked the only way to really get into is the arena and that's really not not is not an area in that -- and into. -- Boylan comparable to rotation did not say that they're committing one where the auto Boylan right now this is kind of -- this is just Alexi. And then if things work out great -- go from there. But set obviously we need more shooting. -- -- I think he's concerned I mean -- he mentioned it -- he didn't say he was leaving but he said. Monta can opt out. -- at the end of the season and he went on to say that's his right that's his ability he can do that you know basically saying he's can opt out. And they're gonna have to find more shooting -- can do that in the coming up on the trade deadline or he can do that in the off season. That is their goal -- -- -- you're right after this.