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11/6/12 – UW-Green Bay Men’s Basketball Coach Brian Wardle

Nov 6, 2012|

Can UW-Green Bay replace Butler at the top of the Horizon League?…

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now the head coach at UW Green Bay Phoenix men's basketball team who. Had a chance to you know play -- hours or play with his old coach so to speak coach against -- Tom Green as Indiana Hoosiers came a call and now Brian mortal now joining us Bryant -- you don't man. Fill up dual grade are you don't work and -- -- -- measure -- Are we knew we had flashes reachable -- we competed -- -- happy about that we did they they. Our coach treat this great job Garcia -- that and there's so well coached they just they -- soul or it's such exit. And that's something our guys. We have -- went -- questions were. When we -- today I think -- up peaks and -- steal big deal to their their -- -- Or you know their lows are very -- there poor long and so. You know we learned a great deal it was it was good it was very very good very productive. What you know what Tom cream brings to practice okay so where you say that that team played so high and so hard continuously my question what -- to logically say. You know that you were a disciple of that. Why doesn't your team -- that. Well the best part of this is that they -- -- see it in person. You know you can talk about it. They get to see the purse and now we do we compete and we put -- but. With them they have such great athletes they just keep roll and roll and they just never lose and never loose -- they've never lose it. That we have all of which were sometimes we get a little fatigued. Or he recorded a bench the potential in Britain -- energy as we got a lot of new -- And and that's what we're trying to correct right now and it's -- for coming here to be doing that before or were you -- missed. Instead -- shoulder and in film never lies you -- -- -- -- well. And had played in front of guys. As much as young men nowadays I don't want to say that's not me that's not me. I usually have to -- it -- that laser on it plays and you. Yesterday -- -- sure that you that the beating Cuba you know you -- repeated make sure that okay that's not good we need to get better and we need to. We need to just -- for a little bit harder on that possession so. But you know we're -- our newcomers are the white top five or six we you know we unfortunately lost to go to Joshua -- for the year started ten games or western freshman. He's out for the year but our top six guys that guys on the team blaster they don't have to do now trying to teach the guys that. How much of a boost for the program for the team this year is that to get a chance to scrimmage against. The pretty much the consensus best team in America and to have that kind of talent come in and faced -- -- the -- -- begins. No I gotta think when it comes down to. Getting into your conference schedule that's a huge huge boost for for a team before he's. God in him it'd definitely is -- a complete team. That -- that type of talent. Plays -- -- that put together to that they're they're unselfish team very impressive so. That we competed with them we we battled all the time so it was good to see epic. -- our -- believe that a that we play are are are good basketball were playing well work what can. We can play with with a lot of teams in this country. And and that is especially so we can fall back -- and hopefully. -- can help us start off the year strong policy. I'll -- -- get a chance to play that competition whether -- the record -- which is always nice. Exactly exactly that. That is our sport it was a great experience for -- rusher newcomers and and beat him just being able to. -- coach -- and he's going to be my first shot coaching broke into the business that. In watching him still as passionate energetic as ever and in -- it's just it's just sort of -- that was inspiring different what. Q did you coaches hard and it -- -- part with an empty arena. Oh. About what the language that's more colorful. So I'll go out and -- -- puberty has been an article it you know coach created not swear anymore so -- he's not not to -- But -- -- -- -- got -- -- six under full throttle a little cultural whole lot with our guys but. I'm trying to cut back I admire that about them but yet the intensity -- -- which they were so what's the word we were were competitive guys and we compete we compete. And and we're trying to win and I think that passion and energy -- -- and your team. Teams to take on the personnel the coach shall. I hope that you can say that about our team in the program last couple years with the teams -- has played I think we we -- after play or. Were your guys first or how did this come together did it was just something you've reached out to coach screener and he reaching out to you. You know it it's kind of -- it only really remember -- people over or what -- -- got to look at -- two stroke average now and you can't really talk much about -- -- of anything but. Legally considerably -- but. They're looking to do that scrimmage to just get a private setting where he can work a lot of special situations and different stuff like that they can't and certainly doing exhibition games so. Probably just kind of -- through July recruit and and it just worked out it really did -- -- and it was a it was a good situation. Look at -- the season coming up ahead here and actually looking at a program in general. As -- the conference goes butlers now out and that's. Little power vacuum there and and a lot of respects how important is this year and the next couple of years. As far as establishing a program. To take that spot of Butler and then find a way that the top of that conference right now. Our doorstep play open I think you do there's. You know you got to go after -- and he got he got. Really compete day in and day out the league is still very very good. I think our top people all the time not as good as Butler program but it's -- Brett does a great job -- there. They were I don't think they were gonna win this week this year -- really -- all. We got -- all first team all league back on different teams players and there's a lot of talent. A lot of very good teams this year. Everybody -- this offseason and so it's going to be a dog fight any given night it but it will be very action over the next five years of rightly to kind of see. What happens is that -- different team every year as a -- sustained a high level play in the contend for the title every year. People were distraught put ourselves in recruiting them and -- and -- players in position to maybe be one of those -- I know that Alex Brown receiving a lot of accolades early on this season but when you talk about guys you talk about your top six Kugel -- Maroney and you go through the list. What is it going to be for you and your squad this year is it going to be those 67 guys performing at a higher level there or is -- going to be somebody coming out of the bit coming of -- bench it's really going to be. That consistent sport to kind of keep that level. Hi continuously. You know it's a great question could -- look at it all. 6789. More than anything I don't want them to crowd brown every given night you know there's only report -- peaks and valleys were playing a little bit. I know what he's doing individually as a player and or keepers -- And -- camps only I think there's a wild -- players for us that if they can keep improving. And be more consistent. And it just -- play. And what they do every night -- all working. I can be pretty -- you know we we we can look pretty solid year. -- compete -- teams and they got a great base came back who -- down as a freshman he can sustain. Our local play like he did last on last year he's really -- couple you know produce energy 69 -- athlete that can really play. Your freshman -- -- -- start right now the three -- Wisconsin's -- altitude we've got to create a lot of things up defensively. They continue to get better there -- the character of local Milwaukee point guard. I was a freshman -- you know. What if -- you know you go look at. Lineups every day as a staffer at the other day I think we're -- ankle keep upper ankle for two weeks carried the load. Keep crucial role and keep the role -- you get prepared old guys stupid and they give you big minutes so I think you know it's 789. Are going to be very very key for us. Now I go back to something Matt said when you lose Butler you know you start to look for the power at the top. How deep in reality -- -- as a rightly this year. Politics it's -- deeper than last year in my in my mind I think. It seems. Like you might -- at Loyola got a lot better now with a lot of transfers from division one schools or complaint here. I think helpful has I think like seventeen -- sinkers and and -- -- real veteran -- in -- there's cheaters so. It's so it's a very deep team we still only have one seater built and that's what I got to keeper corporate practice every day. -- -- pretty cool that it and that we got a good solid group shooters soft or as a freshman. And its third -- as a staff and so we kind of built this team for you on to get better as the years go on and in. -- -- style we've I feel pretty good about -- we stole one -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Raila got to get back on the road man we gotta get the other -- up their -- outside the Russian government a couple of games this year now because we didn't get up -- last year we definitely come this year so -- will stay in touch in -- -- we can't get together for for one or two games a season. No doubt that would be great I hope I hope we can stay healthy -- like our Packers here. We we gotta we gotta stay healthy in and made some good things can happen forced are really -- which gives them. Anytime body -- to thank you called up expect Dave O'Brien or a coach of the UW Green Bay Phoenix men's basketball team. -- a private practice and scrimmage with the number one team in the country Indiana. And that had to be weird. You know did you -- later gentlemen here comedian and a hoosiers and there's nobody and -- ground. No cheerleaders. -- -- two coaches and their teams a couple of guys keep the score some officials and that's it. I loved to have been there's -- -- and you don't get in watch the guys you know and a bit of in Kansas were killed just. Just to peak basketball -- -- -- -- that's able to sit there anything better and just you'll pick their brains you know -- -- So we could even gotten in if we wanted to know. I tried putting -- and -- pinstripe pants and get him you know in a hospital that's a free food that stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well at guard coach -- enough good stuff as always.